Thursday, December 31, 2009

Constructing the Rose Bowl floats 2009
Volunteered as one of the many designers to work on the floats for the
New Years Day Rose Bowl Parade

Gluing on silver leaves for the skyline for the Shanghai float (leaf-by-leaf).

A close up of the tower. It stands three stories tall. In this photo I am
sitting the two feet above me working on the top.

Another view from below.

Tower made from silver leaves.

The company "Fiesta Floats" in the warehouse where they have nine floats being built.

A group of volunteers sorting out berries.

berries, berries, berries

What some of the berries were used for. The black are black-eyed peas.

This is where the above panels went, at the ends. Red berries all around the shanghai float.

So many hands working on the float.

Another view.

Another Fiesta Float: "Who let the dogs out" float.

Training the dogs to ride the surf board down the float.

After so many tries they get it.

Other float pieces.

High school classmate (Susan, who dragged me into this) :) and yours truly.

Another Fiesta Float: Work in process, these are very cool.

Adding poppy seeds along the borders.

Details, details, details

A room filled with the roses.

roses, roses, roses.

And other plants.

Past floats waiting to be used again. Just outside the warehouse.

 Another Fiesta Float: Mexico. The green in the lettering will
be filled with roses the day before 12/31.

 Another view of the lettering.

Sun dial on the Mexico float

close up

A Cartoon character from China, which was created for
the front of the float to ride in front.

Answering to the name of Haibao, which literally means “Treasure of the world,
this mascot is a smiling blue cartoon character in the shape of the
Chinese character “Ren”, meaning “human being”.

A few completed Fiesta Floats in the New Years Day Parade 2010

Here is a short clip taken from on the float during construction. 
 The gal talking is a foreign exchange student from Germany, this is her first time working on the floats. The other person, as been constructing the floats for 26 years.

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